Did you know that many Pro-Choice women no longer believe abortion should be safe, legal and rare? Nope, that rhetoric began to change in 2015.

In September 2015, a pro-choice woman started a #ShoutYourAbortion twitter to celebrate another woman’s abortion as a positive good. This twitter campaign has drawn over 250,000 responses that are mostly positive as other women “shouted their abortion.” Since then, the webpage associated with the campaign has posted hundreds of videos and print stories, some absolutely heartbreaking, of women who share their “positive” abortion stories.

Their goal is to change to terms of the abortion debate. As one pro-choice woman said in a NYT article:

“You see a hashtag, and it connects you to this whole community, so you see you’re part of this larger thing. It’s not the be-all and end-all of activism, but it can change minds, and it can change the conversation.”

This is a seismic shift in the abortion debate, and it requires a response.

Women are encouraged, even pressured, to abort their babies in a variety of circumstances. If a woman is poor, young, undereducated, or a rape victim, she is told abortion is best. If her baby is diagnosed with a fetal abnormality, she is offered “termination” and might even be made to feel she is being “selfish” if she chooses life for her baby.

Many women and men chose life even when pressured to abort. We want to share their stories with the world through Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and by asking everyone to help us go viral!

Through videos, print stories, and audio stories, we want thousands of women and men who chose life to Shout My Story.  www.ShoutMyStory.org